• Dust picture frames, blinds, ceiling fans

  • Dust air vents, window sills, chair rails, and base boards

  • Remove all cobwebs

  • Clean mirrors (if requested)

  • Dust furniture as required

  • Dust shelves, ornaments and knickknacks as required

  • Move furniture (dependent on weight and size) and vacuum/clean floor area

  • Clean Patio Doors and track (internally)

  • Collect all bags of trash and put in garbage bag

  • Dust light fixtures (where applicable)



  • Dust ceiling fans, wall ornaments and blinds

  • Dust air vents, windowsills chair rails and base

  • Clean exterior of all cabinets, (interiors require 7 days notice)

  • Clean outside of appliances + inside microwave

  • Clean & disinfect all counter space and kitchen table

  • Dust all furniture (where applicable)

  • Clean & disinfect all sinks and fixtures

  • Clean window over kitchen sink

  • Vacuum, mop & disinfect kitchen floor



  • Dust ceiling fans, wall ornaments and blinds

  • Dust air vents, windowsills and baseboards

  • Dust all shelves

  • Clean outside of all appliances  


  • Dust ceiling fans, wall ornaments and blinds

  • Dust air vents, windowsills and baseboards

  • Clean & disinfect all tiles or fiber glass in tub/shower areas

  • Remove soap build up

  • Clean & disinfect glass shower door inside and out

  • Polish chrome and brass faucets and shower heads & disinfect.

  • Clean, disinfect and dry sinks and bath tubs and polish faucets

  • Clean disinfect and sanitize toilet both inside and out

  • Vacuum or shake rugs and return when floor is dry

  • Collect all trash and place in large garbage bag

  • Take garbage outside

  • Vacuum, mop & disinfect bathroom floor



  • Clean inside ovens. (Client to spray with Easy Off fume-free 12 hours prior to clean)

  • Clean interior of kitchen cupboards

  • Clean inside fridges (Client removes or gives Just Maid It staff permission to remove and replace contents)

  • Interior window cleaning to a maximum height of 8 feet from floor. (Blinds must be removed)

  • Seven days notice is required for above services

  •  We provide ALL equipment and cleaning products (including RAGS) to clean your home, office or other facility. (except as noted for Easy Off Fume Free.)

The Cleaning Products we use are made for us in Ottawa, and carry our name. All products are ECOLOGO CERTIFIED.


Simply, The Best Cleaning Service "ANYWHERE"!

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