What We Do



  • Dust picture frames, blinds, ceiling fans

  • Dust air vents, window sills, chair rails, and base boards

  • Remove all cobwebs

  • Clean mirrors (if requested)

  • Dust furniture as required

  • Dust shelves, ornaments and knickknacks as required

  • Move furniture (dependent on weight and size) and vacuum/clean floor area

  • Clean Patio Doors and track (internally)

  • Collect all bags of trash and put in garbage

  • Dust light fixtures and  ceiling fans (where applicable)

  • Vacuum all carpets

  • Vacuum & wash floors of hardwood, laminate, tile or linoleum

  • Wipe down light switches and door handles



  • Dust ceiling fans, wall ornaments and blinds

  • Dust air vents, windowsills chair rails and base

  • Clean exterior of all cabinets, (interiors require 7 days notice)

  • Clean outside of appliances + inside of microwave

  • Clean & disinfect all counter space and kitchen table

  • Dust all furniture (where applicable)

  • Clean & disinfect all sinks and fixtures

  • Clean window over kitchen sink

  • Vacuum, mop & disinfect kitchen floor



  • Dust ceiling fans, wall ornaments and blinds

  • Dust air vents, windowsills and baseboards

  • Dust all shelves

  • Clean outside of all appliances  

  • Clean floors


  • Dust ceiling fans, wall ornaments and blinds

  • Dust air vents, windowsills and baseboards

  • Clean & disinfect all tiles or fiber glass in tub/shower areas

  • Remove soap build up

  • Clean & disinfect glass shower door inside and out

  • Polish chrome and brass faucets and shower heads & disinfect.

  • Clean, disinfect and dry sinks and bath tubs and polish faucets

  • Clean disinfect and sanitize toilet both inside and out

  • Vacuum or shake rugs and return when floor is dry

  • Collect all trash and place in large garbage bag

  • Take garbage outside

  • Vacuum, mop & disinfect bathroom floor



  • Clean inside ovens. (Client to spray with Easy Off - Fume-Free 12 hours prior to clean)

  • Clean interior of kitchen cupboards

  • Clean inside fridges (Client removes or gives Just Maid It staff permission to remove and replace contents)

  • Interior window cleaning to a maximum height of 8 feet from floor. (Blinds must be removed)

  • Exterior windows if they are flip type.

  • Make up beds

  • Seven days notice is required for above services

  • We provide ALL equipment and cleaning products (including RAGS) to clean your home, office or other facility. *(except as noted for Easy Off Fume Free.)


  • We do not wash walls.

  • Because paint may wash off.

  • We climb 2 feet from the floor only.

  • Because of the danger of falling.

  • We do not carry out  cleaning services for Realtors operating outside of the Niagara Region.

  • Because they don't pay.

  • We do not remove dried paint.

  • Because we do not want to risk scratching surfaces.

  • We do not do biological cleaning- Blood etc.

  • We are not equipped to do this.

        For more information call us at 905 641-1563


We offer scheduling on the following rotations:

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Biweekly

  • 4 Weekly

  • 8 Weekly

  • Other, where possible


  • We send in a team of two cleaning specialists

  • We provide all cleaning equipment

  • We provide all cleaning products*

  • All of the above are included in our hourly rate

  • Contact us to find the hourly rate in your area


We use the following;

  • Just Maid It Aqua

  • Just Maid It Preference

  • Just Maid It Pinosan

  • Just Maid It Glass

  • Just Maid It Lilac

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